Resident Council

CHNW was founded “by students, for students.” As such, it is critical to have the voices of current tenants guiding the directions we take and decisions CHNW makes. All CHNW programs have Resident Councils comprised of students representing the diversity of the communities they represent. Resident Councils meet monthly to discuss student needs and work with staff to continuously improve their communities.

Resident Council members take a leadership role in building community, improving living conditions, and organizing events at The Amy. Members represent resident concerns and implement resident ideas, to create housing that is by students, for students.

Resident Council members generally serve a one year term and meet monthly. While members are able to miss up to 2 meetings, participation is vital to its’ mission. Members may meet more than once a month for special event planning, meetings with CHNW staff, or other leadership opportunities.

Up to 12 members enjoy a $50-75 rent credit for their participation, plus a budget to plan fun events. Additionally, joining Resident Council helps residents sharpen their leadership skills and boost their resume.


The Front Desk and Leasing Office will receive all resident packages. You will receive an email notification when a package arrives for you. Packages can only be picked up during times the Leasing Office or the Front Desk is open. Make sure to have your ID handy when you arrive to pick up the package.

On Call Service/After Hours Line

During the hours the Leasing Office and Front Desk are closed, an after-hours phone number is staffed by an on-call resident ambassador. Residents can place a call to our after-hours number for urgent needs such as lockouts, noise and smoking complaints, maintenance issues, and other related concerns.