What does it cost to apply?

The application screening fee is $45.00, which covers the cost of a rental history check and criminal background check. Current CHNW Residents will not have to pay the application fee when transferring to The Amy.

How much is the deposit?

If your application is approved, you will need to pay a Holding Deposit of $150.00 within 72 hours of approval to secure the apartment. The Holding Deposit will be credited toward the move-in charges. The total Security Deposit of $500.00* must also be paid by move-in. You can pay this either by check, money order, or online through your tenant portal.

*Security deposit is subject to increase based on credit and/rental history.

When is rent due, and how can I pay for it?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month and CHNW offers an 8-day grace period. Rental payments received after the 8th of the month will incur a $50.00 late fee. Payments can be made online in the tenant portal by eCheck, credit or debit card. Payments via a check or money order made out to CHNW may be brought to the leasing office. Partial payments are not accepted.

What happens if I do not pay my rent on time?

A $50.00 late fee is charged and a 72-Hour Notice for Nonpayment is sent on the 9th of each month to residents who have not paid rent. If you do not pay rent on time and receive a 72-Hour Notice, you are required to pay within 72 hours (3 days) or you will be asked to leave the community. Failure to comply with a 72-hour notice may result in CHNW filing an eviction.

What if I can’t pay rent until after the due date?

CHNW understands that financial setbacks often occur unexpectedly. For residents who cannot pay rent until after the 8th (due to financial aid schedules, delays in paychecks, etc), CHNW offers two opportunities per calendar year for residents to move their due date for rent until the end of the month. To do this, residents must come to the leasing office and complete a Petition for Late Payment Agreement prior to end of the day on the 8th. Residents who are unable to come in person can digitally complete a form and email it to theamy@chnw.org.

Can my roommates and I pay rent in separate checks or separate online payments?

No; since CHNW has joint responsibility leases, rent must be submitted in one check or one complete payment. Residents who do need to submit two separate payments can submit two money orders or cashiers checks (cash-equivalents) in the leasing office.

Can I pay my rent ahead of time?

CHNW will accept up to three months of rent payments in advance.