As a current University District resident, do I have to sign up to be on the waitlist?

Yes! Let us know you are interesting in moving, and what unit type your prefer. You can put your name on the waitlist here:

How do I sign up for the waitlist and how do I get priority?

Our waitlist is organized by unit type. To be placed on the waitlist, please visit our website at and press “apply now” associated with the unit type you would like to live in.

The waitlist is organized where current UD Residents have first priority. Then the general public that applies is organized by date they completed an application to be on the waitlist. Applicants may change their preferred unit type at anytime by contacting the Leasing Office. This will not affect your spot on the waitlist.

How is The Amy different from the University District?

The Amy is built to support community engagement. There will be more community spaces than other CHNW properties, with community kitchens, study areas and an outdoor patio.

As well The Amy prices are all inclusive. Monthly rent includes water, sewer, garbage, electricity, high-speed wifi and furniture. Current UD Residents have to pay electricity, gas, wifi and furniture separate from monthly rent.

Do I have to pay an application fee again?

Current UD or GH residents will not have to pay another application fee. If you are a prior resident, and it has been longer than 3 months from when you lived with CHNW, we will perform another background check and will request an application fee.

What does the leasing process look like for me?

When the time comes, CHNW will ask current UD Residents on The Amy waitlist to sign an execution agreement. Once we are closer to the opening date for the building, Leasing staff will ask all students moving-in, to electronically sign their lease. Residents will then need to make an appointment to grab keys from the Leasing office, for the day your lease starts. Keys will not be released without an appointment.

Due to a high volume of move-ins CHNW will have an appointment policy, requiring students to schedule a time to pick up keys with the Leasing staff.

What is an execution agreement?

An execution agreement is an agreement between CHNW and a resident/s. It is a written commitment that CHNW will providing a unit, and the resident intents to move in on a specific date.

What happens if The Amy opening date gets pushed back, and my contract ends in the Summer?

If your contract does end, we recommend allowing it to become a month-to-month lease until plans are solidified. Our goal is to keep loyal students that would like to remain with CHNW.

Do I have to move all my belongings into The Amy or can I leave stuff behind?

All personal items need to be taken out of the Clay and Tiffany buildings. Residents will be charged an hourly rate for removal, if items are left in the unit.

Are all units furnished?

All studios are furnished with a full size murphy bed, desk, and chair. One-bedrooms come unfurnished.