How do I apply?

Currently, our applications are generalized by unit type. To see our current availability, please visit our website at If you see an apartment you are interested in applying for, click the green “Apply Now” button on the apartment listing.

Follow the instructions to complete the online application. Be sure to upload proof of enrollment documentation and a copy of your government-issued photo ID when it is requested in the online application. See below for information about providing proof of enrollment.

Once the application is completed and you get approved through screening, the Leasing Office will be in contact to show you which units are currently available in each unit type.

What is CHNW’s rental criteria?

CHNW requires all applicants fit our student status requirements; in addition, CHNW completes a screening that includes criminal background, credit history and rental history. Since CHNW serves students who often may not have established credit or rental history, lacking either does not impact the outcome of the screening.

For more information on our criteria, please see our CHNW Criteria for Residency.

The application says I need to show proof of enrollment. How do I do this?

If you go to a school verifiable through the National Student Clearinghouse (including Portland State University, PCC, and PNCA, among others) you can download your enrollment letter through your school’s student portal. Otherwise students can obtain their enrollment letter through the Registrar’s Office.

Some students are unable to be verified through the National Student Clearinghouse for various reasons, including anyone who does not have a social security number. Any student who cannot be verified through the Clearinghouse will be required to provide alternative documentation of enrollment, which can be one of the following:
● a letter from the registration office at your school stating you are enrolled
● an I-20 document (for international students)
● a certificate of enrollment printed from your PCC or PSU banweb account. For information on how to do this, please see the leasing office or your school.
Information about finding this enrollment certificate for each school can be found here:
Portland State University
Portland Community College

If I am not currently enrolled but will be enrolling next term, what kind of documentation do I need to provide?

Students enrolling for the first time in the upcoming term (for example, residents who apply to move into CHNW housing over the summer with plans to start classes in Fall term) can submit an admission letter stating they are admitted and set to begin classes.

Can I apply even if I do not see an apartment available?

We can only accept applications for apartments currently posted as available on the CHNW website. You can schedule a tour or get more information at anytime from our leasing team. To schedule a tour please contact or call 503-345-4110.

Do I need a cosigner?

CHNW does not require co-signers. By not requiring co-signers, CHNW aims to provide an accessible rental experience to those who may be first-time renters, as well as an opportunity to build positive rental history in their own name.

How long does the application process take?

Completed applications are screened by Bemrose Consulting Inc, an independent screening company, and typically take 2 – 5 business days to process. Once a screening report is completed, applicants are contacted by email with the screening results and next steps.

Do I have to be a student to live with CHNW?

As a student housing community, CHNW requires all residents be enrolled at least half-time as students in a higher education institution and/or the partner or dependent of an eligible student.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse live with me if they are not a student?

Absolutely! If you are eligible as a student, your non-student partner is also eligible to live with you. Any dependent over the age of 18 will be required to submit an application.

CHNW defines a partner as an individual who identifies as being in a committed relationship with the eligible applicant.

Who qualifies as a dependent?

CHNW defines a dependent as an individual under the age of 18 who is reliant on the eligible applicant for support, or an individual of any age with a disability that necessitates reliance on the eligible resident for support.

Can you help me find a roommate?

Unfortunately, CHNW does not provide roommate matching services. If you are looking to find a roommate, we encourage contacting your school and/or using Craigslist, Facebook, or other online boards as resources for finding a roommate.

Is there a maximum number of residents allowed per apartment?

Landlord/Tenant Law states the maximum number of people that can reside in a unit is two people per the number of bedrooms, plus one. Meaning two residents are allowed in a studio or three in a one-bedroom.

Can I have a pet?

Up to 2 cats are allowed with a $200.00 extra pet deposit and signed pet agreement. Dogs are not allowed in our apartments. Caged animals (such as reptiles and rodents) are allowed upon approval from the Leasing Office. CHNW follows Fair Housing Laws in reference to service and therapy animals. Please contact the Leasing Office regarding service and therapy animals.

Are the apartments furnished?

The Amy is the only CHNW property in Portland that has furnished units. All studios in The Amy have a murphy bed with a full-sized mattress, a desk, and a chair. One-bedrooms are not furnished, and ADA studios will have ADA compliant furniture.